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19.07.050 Appeals; Boundaries of mapped hazards

            The boundary lines of the sensitive lands overlay and the hazards therein are a general depiction and should be field verified.

            Where there is a conflict between the boundary lines illustrated on the Map and actual field conditions, or where mapped hazards are not present within a particular area, the dispute shall be settled as follows:

            (1)        The applicant shall submit to staff, technical and geologic evidence by a qualified engineering geologist to support the claim.

            (2)        Staff and their geotechnical advisors, which may include the Utah Geologic Survey or an independent geologist, may require additional reviews.

            (3)        If, after additional reviews are made, a consensus is not reached by staff and the applicant the item may be appealed to the City Council after review and recommendation by the Planning Commission.

            (4)        The applicant shall pay any costs incurred for review.

            (5)        Appeals to staff decisions shall be made to the Planning Commission.

            (6)        The construction staff agrees with the applicants engineer and the site is determined to be out of the sensitive lands overlay area.

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