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19.06.190 Charter schools

            (1)        A charter school shall be considered a permitted use in all zoning districts.  Charter schools shall conform to the setback, height, bulk, and massing requirements within each zoning district except as outlined in Subsection 19.05.030(18) of this Title for institutional uses in A (agricultural) and R (residential) zoning districts.

            (2)        Off-street parking requirements for a charter school shall be the same as the minimum requirements for schools or other institutional public uses in the City.  Curb cut locations and traffic circulation as they relate to the pick-up and drop-off of students shall be provided off-street and designed to minimize traffic congestion on adjacent public streets.

            (3)        Charter schools shall have the same separation requirements as schools from sexually oriented businesses and businesses that sell alcohol.

Ord. No. 05-14, Enacted 4/7/2005