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19.11.120 Standards and requirements

            The development of a travel vehicle park shall conform to the following standards and requirements:

            (1)        The area shall be in one ownership;

            (2)        The site shall abut upon a collector or arterial street shown on the Master Street Plan of Layton City;

            (3)        All entrances and exits from the travel vehicle park shall be through a residentially developed area;

            (4)        No exit or entrance from a travel vehicle park shall be by forward motion only;

            (5)        All vehicle spaces or pads shall be set back at least twenty feet (20') from any public street;

            (6)        All roadways shall provide two-way access and be at least twenty-six feet (26') in width.  All roadways shall be hard-surfaced;

            (7)        All areas within the park which are not hard-surfaced, including the twenty foot (20') setback space, shall be landscaped and maintained with lawns, trees, and shrubs designed to provide privacy and noise containment, and shall be equipped with adequate sprinkling devices as determined by the Chief Building Official;

            (8)        In a travel vehicle park, the number of vehicle spaces shall be limited to twenty (20) units per acre.  The spaces may be clustered, provided that the total number of units does not exceed the number permitted on one (1) acre, multiplied by the number of acres in the development.  The remaining land not contained in individual vehicle spaces, roads, or parking shall be set aside and developed as park, playground, or service areas for the common use and enjoyment of occupants of the development and visitors thereto;

            (9)        Each vehicle space shall be at least twenty feet (20') in width and at least thirty feet (30') in length, for spaces planned to have the travel vehicle and towing vehicle park side-by-side, and at least fifteen feet (15') in width and at least forty-five feet (45') in length for spaces planned as drive-through spaces in which the towing vehicle parks in front of the travel vehicle.  Drive-through spaces are recommended whenever the size and shape of the property permits this design;

            (10)      All storage and solid waste receptacles must be housed in a closed structure compatible in design and construction to the character of the parks;

            (11)      The service buildings shall be constructed to standard commercial practice and kept in good repair as approved by the building inspector;

            (12)      Off-street and off-roadway parking spaces shall be provided for visitors at the rate of one (1) such space for each two (2) travel vehicle spaces in the travel vehicle park; such spaces shall have a minimum width of ten feet (10') and a minimum length of twenty feet (20') and may be grouped in appropriate locations;

            (13)      Storm drainage facilities shall be so constructed as to protect those who will reside in the park as well as adjacent property owners by insuring rapid drainage and preventing accumulation of pools of water; and

            (14)      Every travel vehicle park shall provide utility service to every vehicle stand as required by Layton City ordinances and as required by the Planning Commission.

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Ord. No. 97-19, Enacted, 4/17/1997
Ord. No. 04-69, Recodified, 12/16/2004