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19.01.220 Mandatory reviews

            (1)        Any board, commission, committee, administrative officer, or other employee of the City, or any other person having jurisdiction over or responsibility for the development of, or the carrying out of plans or other matters relating to the physical development of the City, shall first refer such matters to the Planning Commission and receive its recommendation thereon before taking any action pertaining thereto.

            (2)        The following matters shall be referred to the Planning Commission:

                        (a)        The use and zoning of land for private or public purposes;

                        (b)        Location, widening, narrowing, abandonment, extension, or relocation of proposed or existing streets;

                        (c)        The location of public buildings, parks, or other open spaces;

                        (d)        The location and extent of public or private utilities;

                        (e)        The subdivision of land; and

                        (f)        All other matters pertaining to the physical development of the City, except those matters specifically regulated by provisions of the Uniform Building Code.

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