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19.24.020 Definitions

            (1)        "Big-house condominium":  Multiple dwelling units in one (1) building designed to appear to be a large home.

            (2)        "Courtyard/garden court residential":  A group of detached or attached residential dwelling units (small-lot homes or townhomes) surrounding a common green or plaza area.

            (3)        "Live-work unit":  Townhouse dwelling unit where office space is allowed to be secondary to the primary residential use and a limited number of outside employees and customers may be allowed.

            (4)        "Patio homes":  Detached, single-family units typically situated on a reduced-size lot that orients outdoor activity within rear or side yard patio areas for better use of the site for outdoor living space.

            (5)        "Townhouse":  A one-family dwelling unit, with a private entrance, which is part of a structure whose dwelling units are attached horizontally in a linear arrangement.

Ord. No. 06-57, Enacted 12/21/2006Ord. No. 07-19, Amended, 6/21/2007