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19.25.080 Landscaping

            The following site landscaping standards shall apply to all new development in the mixed-use zoning district.  Species shall be selected from the approved plant list provided herein.

            (1)        Street trees shall be provided on all street frontages at a maximum spacing of thirty feet (30') on center.

            (2)        Street trees shall be planted within a landscape strip of at least six feet (6') in width, between the roadway and sidewalk where feasible.

            (3)        Street trees shall be planted no closer than twenty feet (20') to light standards.

            (4)        All areas of a developed site not occupied by buildings, required parking, driveways, walkways, or service areas shall be landscaped according to an approved landscaping plan.  These areas may also incorporate hardscape for patios, plazas, and courtyards.

            (5)        Parking areas shall be shaded by large broadleaf canopied trees placed at a rate of one (1) tree for each twelve (12) parking spaces.  Parking shall be adequately screened and buffered from adjacent uses.

Ord. No. 08-40, Enacted, 8/7/2008