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19.15.050 Change in status of nonconforming use

            (1)        If a nonconforming use is abandoned, it may be succeeded by another nonconforming use, upon approval of the Zoning Administrator based on the following findings:

                        (a)        The proposed nonconforming use is equally restrictive or a more restrictive nonconforming use than that abandoned; and

                        (b)        The proposed nonconforming use is more compatible with the permitted or conditional uses within the zoning district; and

                        (c)        Provided such change is effected within one (1) year from the first day of abandonment; or

                        (d)        The proposed use is part of a transition plan that will bring the property into full compliance within a period not to exceed five (5) years, pursuant to a written agreement.

            (2)        After a change to a less intensive use occurs, the use may not change to a more intensive use.

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