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19.24.010 Condominium/Townhouse (C-TH) zoning district

            Purpose.  The condominium/townhouse (C-TH) zoning district allows for townhouses, row houses, courtyard/garden court residential, "Big House" condos, live-work units, patio homes, alley-fed townhomes and cottages, senior housing, or other commonwall residential buildings for more than two (2) families to be used near City transportation corridors and nodes.  The intent of this zoning district is to create residential projects and neighborhoods that provide a variety of housing opportunities and choices that include a range of housing types.  Condominium and townhouse projects shall provide convenient access to commercial uses and employment opportunities that are located in areas with existing, or probable future, multiple transportation choices.  These types of housing offer several advantages over single-family detached houses:  lower costs for land development, conservation of the land by using less land for a given number of houses and preserving open space, lower long-term maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and increased security for both the house and the neighborhood.

Ord. No. 06-57, Enacted 12/21/2006Ord. No. 07-19, Amended, 6/21/2007