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19.08.070 Classification of land to PRUD overlay zone

            (1)        Land shall be classified as being in the PRUD overlay zone pursuant to an amendment to the zoning ordinance adopted pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 19.17 of the Layton Municipal Code provided, however, in order to classify any land as being in the PRUD overlay zone the following conditions shall be considered by the Planning Commission and City Council with respect to such land.

                        (a)        That the land has features which are compatible with clustering or other nonstandard development; and

                        (b)        That the land has features which are compatible with the coordination and design of open spaces and with the proposed housing development; and

                        (c)        That the classification is not in conflict with any applicable element of the Layton City General Plan.

            (2)        The PRUD concept is particularly encouraged when:

                        (a)        The land has unique and valuable natural, scenic, and environmental features such as wetlands, ridge lines, canyons, slopes, etc.; and

                        (b)        Such land will be better preserved and enhanced by integrated planning and design as a whole, pursuant to the provisions of the PRUD overlay zone, than under conventional zoning regulations.

            (3)        Through careful study and detailed analysis, the City Council, upon recommendation of the Planning Commission, may classify certain areas of the City as being in the PRUD overlay zone in order to ensure that future residential development will be compatible with the sensitive lands and natural features of the area.  Sensitive lands and natural features shall include, but not be limited to canyons and slopes, ridge lines, streams or other natural water features, wetlands, geologically sensitive areas, and prime agricultural land.

            (4)        Land included in the PRUD overlay zone shall be designated on the Official Zoning Map of Layton City with the symbol (PRUD) following the underlying zoning district designation of such land.

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