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19.04.030 Application of zoning district regulations

            (1)        No building or part thereof or other structure shall be erected, altered, added to, or enlarged, nor shall any land, building, structure, or premises be used, designated, or intended to be used for any purpose, or in any manner other than is included among the uses hereinafter listed as permitted in the zoning district in which such building, land, or premises are located.

            (2)        No building or part thereof or structure shall be erected, reconstructed, or structurally altered to exceed in height the limit hereinafter designated for the zoning district in which such building is located, unless building height exception is expressly allowed.

            (3)        No building, structure, or part thereof, shall be erected, nor shall any existing building be altered, enlarged or rebuilt, or moved into any zoning district, nor shall any open space be encroached upon or reduced in any manner, except in conformity to the yard, building site area, and building location regulations hereinafter designated for the land use and the zoning district in which such building or open space is located.

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