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19.14.020 Conditional use permit

            A conditional use permit shall be required for all uses listed as conditional uses in the zoning district regulations or elsewhere in this Title.  A conditional use permit may be revoked upon failure to comply with conditions precedent to the original approval of the permit.

            (1)        Application.  Application for a conditional use permit shall be made by the property owner or certified agent thereof to the Planning Director.

            (2)        Considerations of conditional use procedure.  The application shall be accompanied by maps, drawings, or other documents sufficient to meet the requirements of a site plan review (see Chapter 19.13), for those conditional uses which require such a review, and sufficient to demonstrate that the general and specific requirements of this Title will be met by the construction and operation of the proposed building, structure, or use.  In considering an application for a conditional use permit, the Planning Commission shall give due regard to the nature and condition of adjacent uses and structures.  The Commission may deny a permit; may grant a permit as applied for; or may grant a permit subject to such requirements and conditions with respect to location, construction maintenance, operation, and duration of the proposed use as it may deem necessary for the protection of adjacent properties and the public interest.  The granting of a conditional use permit shall not exempt the application from other relevant provisions of this or other ordinances of the City of Layton.

            (3)        Fee.  The application for any conditional use permit shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee as authorized in Chapter 19.03 of this Title.

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