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19.06.030 Home occupation

            A home occupation, which shall be considered an accessory use, shall meet all the following provisions:

            (1)        The occupation shall be limited to members of the family who reside on the premises;

            (2)        The occupation shall involve the use of no more than one (1) room in the dwelling or the equivalent of twenty percent (20%) of the ground floor area, whichever is greater.  Home pre-school/day care shall meet all state and City requirements and building code requirements for the number of children allowed.  If there are conflicts with any regulations the more restrictive requirements shall apply;

            (3)        No home occupation shall carry on activities outside of the dwelling not normally associated with residential use, except outside private swimming pools or tennis courts may be used for instruction and play areas provided for home pre-school/day cares.  All outside home occupation activities shall be within fenced yard spaces.  No portion of any home occupation shall be conducted in the attached or detached garage or car port section of the dwelling nor shall the use of any accessory building, yard space, or storage be allowed;

            (4)        The occupation shall be conducted in such a manner that the average neighbor, under normal circumstances would not be aware of its existence;

            (5)        The occupation shall not be associated with noise, dust, odors, noxious fumes, glare, or other nuisances which are discernable beyond the premises;

            (6)        No objectionable traffic or parking shall be allowed around the premises;

            (7)        No occupation shall create a hazard by using flammable explosives or other dangerous materials;

            (8)        The occupation shall include no window displays and signage shall be limited to an identification sign which does not exceed four (4) square feet, located on a single wall or window;

            (9)        There shall be no display, nor stock in trade, nor any employees;

            (10)      Vehicles associated with home occupations shall be limited as follows:

                        (a)        Two (2) passenger cars, vans, or pick-up trucks; or

                        (b)        One (1) large truck not to exceed one and one-half (1½) tons; or

                        (c)        One (1) trailer located out of the right-of-way and behind the front setback of the residential structure; and

            (11)      An application for a home occupation shall be reviewed by the Community and Economic Development Director for approval.  The decision of the Community and Economic Development Director may be appealed to the Board of Adjustment.  Such appeal shall be applied for within thirty (30) days of the Community and Economic Development Director's decision.  If the Board of Adjustment approves the application, the Community and Economic Development Director shall issue a home occupation permit.  The Community and Economic Development Director may revoke the home occupation permit for violation of any provision of this Code.  Inspections may be performed without notice to ensure compliance to this ordinance.

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