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19.08.130 Conceptual PRUD plan approval and PRUD overlay

            (1)        Conceptual PRUD plan review examines the PRUD concept plan with respect to such items as density, including the number, type, and location of dwelling units; parking and circulation; adequacy of services; and the impact of the proposed PRUD on surrounding areas.

            (2)        Concurrent with any request to rezone property to the PRUD overlay zone, a conceptual PRUD plan shall be submitted to, and reviewed by, the Planning Commission and City Council.  The Planning Commission shall review the rezone and conceptual PRUD plan request and forward a recommendation to the City Council in accordance with Section 19.17.030 of this Code.  The City Council shall hold a public hearing to review the proposed rezone and conceptual PRUD plan request in accordance with Section 19.17.040 of this Title.

            (3)        Conceptual approval and PRUD overlay zoning will only be granted when there is a reasonable certainty that the PRUD will fulfill the requirements of the General Plan, City Code, and the City Development Guidelines and Design Standards.

            (4)        The conceptual plan shall be submitted and approved by the Planning Commission and City Council as outlined above and shall contain the following information:

                        (a)        A legal description;

                        (b)        Lot configurations, lot area, lot slope, and buildable area if applicable;

                        (c)        Contour lines;

                        (d)        Street configuration, centerline slope, and cross section;

                        (e)        Location of all cuts and fills;

                        (f)        Existing utilities; and

                        (g)        Proposed storm drain, water, and sewer systems.

            (5)        Approval of a conceptual PRUD plan shall require the following findings:

                        (a)        That the proposed development is consistent with the density standards of the General Plan;

                        (b)        That the proposed development will provide a more pleasant and attractive living environment than a conventional residential development established under the provisions of the underlying residential zoning district;

                        (c)        That the proposed development creates no detriment to adjacent properties nor to the general area in which it is located; and that it will be in substantial harmony with the character of existing development in the area;

                        (d)        That the PRUD project will provide more efficient use of the land and more usable open space than a conventional development permitted by the underlying zoning district;

                        (e)        That any variations allowed from the development standards of the underlying zoning district will not create increased hazards to the health, safety, or general welfare of the residents of the proposed PRUD or adjacent areas; and

                        (f)        That the application of a density bonus of up to fifty percent (50%) will be compensated by better site design and by increased amenities.

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