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19.25.060 Specific design standards

            (1)        General requirements.  The following design standards shall be required of all development in the mixed-use zoning district in order to create a cohesive appearance that is pedestrian friendly and which encourages travel by public transportation, bicycling, van pooling, and car pooling.

                        (a)        Wherever practical, buildings shall incorporate arcades, roofs, alcoves, porticos, and awnings that protect pedestrians from the rain and sun.

                        (b)        Trash storage areas, mechanical equipment, transformers, meters, and similar devices are not permitted to be visible from the street.  Where site constraints would otherwise force these uses into visible locations, they shall be screened by decorative walls, earthen berms, landscaping, or architectural treatments capable of screening views from streets and sidewalks.  If in rooftop locations, mechanical equipment shall be screened by roof components, parapets, cornices, or other architectural features.

                        (c)        All uses located in the zoning district shall be conducted entirely within a fully enclosed building.  There shall be no outside storage of materials or equipment, other than motor vehicles licensed for street use except as specifically approved by the Planning Commission in conjunction with a conditional use application.

                        (d)        Primary building orientation shall be toward the street.  Buildings that are open to the public and are within thirty feet (30') of the street shall have an entrance for pedestrians from the street to the building interior.  This entrance shall be designed to be attractive and functional, be a distinctive and prominent element of the architectural design, and shall be open to the public during all business hours.

                        (e)        Buildings shall incorporate exterior lighting and changes in mass, surface, or finish to give emphasis to entrances.

                        (f)        Buildings shall provide a clear visual division between all floors.  The top floor of any building shall contain a distinctive finish, consisting of a roof, cornice, or other architectural termination.

                        (g)        The façade of every residential floor greater than thirty (30) lineal feet with street frontage shall incorporate features designed to provide human scale and visual interest.  Compliance can be achieved through balconies, alcoves, or wall segments that create at least a two foot (2') variation in plane for at least ten (10) lineal feet within each thirty foot (30') segment of façade.

                        (h)        In paseos, plazas, and courtyards, lighting shall incorporate fixtures and standards designed for pedestrian areas.

                        (i)         All new utility transmission lines shall be placed underground.

            (2)        At least seventy-five percent (75%) of the lineal frontage of any ground floor, non-residential wall with street frontage shall incorporate windows, doors, or display windows.

            (3)        First floor requirements.  Multi-story buildings shall have the first floors with a minimum ceiling height of twelve feet (12').  Multi-story buildings designed for non-residential uses on the first floor shall have walls, partitions, and floor/ceiling assemblies separating dwelling units from other spaces with a sound transmission classification (STC) of at least fifty (50) for airborne noise.

Ord. No. 08-40, Enacted, 9/3/2008