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19.26.090 Parking

            Parking shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 19.12 of this ordinance.  In addition, the following provisions shall apply:

            (1)        Parking areas shall be located behind or at one side of the building.  Parking may not be located between a building and the street.

            (2)        Where feasible, pedestrian walkways shall be incorporated into parking lots of any size.  Parking lots with more than one hundred (100) spaces shall be divided by landscaped areas including a walkway at least ten feet (10') in width.

            (3)        Parking requirements may be reduced if it can be shown that shared parking is a viable alternative with the development plan.  The City reserves the right to dictate the amount of parking and/or the location of parking spaces within a project to achieve the objectives of this ordinance.

Ord. No. 07-19, Enacted, 6/21/2007