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3108 - Volunteer Policy


Layton City recognizes volunteers as defined in the Volunteer Government Workers Act, Utah Code, Title 67, Chapter 20.  In general, a volunteer is a person who donates service without pay or other compensation except expenses actually and reasonably incurred for events approved, sponsored and supervised by Layton City.  Students working off unsatisfactory citizenship, persons working court-ordered service assignments, or other compensatory service workers are not considered volunteers.

According to the Volunteer Government Workers Act, a volunteer is considered a government employee for the purposes of:

  1. Receiving workers’ compensation benefits, which shall be the exclusive remedy for all injuries and occupational diseases as provided by law;
  2. The operation of motor vehicles or equipment if the volunteer is properly licensed and authorized to do so; and
  3. Liability protection and indemnification normally afforded paid government employees.

Furthermore, the Volunteer Government Workers Act requires that a volunteer may not donate any service to an agency unless the volunteer’s services are approved by the chief executive of that agency or the executive’s authorized representative, and by the office of personnel having jurisdiction over that agency.


  1. Persons interested in volunteering for Layton City must complete a Layton City Volunteer Application, sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct and Volunteer Acknowledgements and Waivers, and be approved by the Department Director, City Manager or their designee, and Human Resources Officer before donating any services to the City.  These documents should be kept on file with the Human Resources Division.  The City Manager's designee may be the Department Director or the Human Resources Officer.
  2. Persons interested in volunteering for Layton City may be fingerprinted and have their records checked in State and National Bureaus.  Before becoming a volunteer, further investigation may be made of the applicant's background by the Police Department to establish that the volunteer applicant's character is above reproach and that the applicant has not committed any felony, misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, or is not a habitual petty law violator.  An evaluation of criminal history will be a factor in determining volunteer eligibility.  Background eligibility requirements can be found in Policy 3101 - Hiring Practices.  At the discretion of the Department Director, background investigations shall be completed prior to a volunteer applicant assuming any duties with the City. During any character investigation, the Human Resources Division reserves the right to verify any statements or references made by the volunteer applicant in the volunteer application.
  3. Department directors are responsible for properly orienting, training and supervising volunteer workers.
  4. An employee cannot work for the same employer as a non-paid volunteer doing the same type of work for which he or she is paid.
  5. Volunteers authorized to drive city vehicles or equipment as part of their volunteer duties should be licensed and drug tested before beginning their service with the City.  This drug test will be the same as a pre-hire drug test.
  6. Volunteers involved in reportable accidents while driving for the City will be subject to a post accident drug test.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Amended, 1/1/1996
Amended, 12/9/1993, Previous Policy,
Minor Edit, 12/17/2003
Amended, 1/18/2005, Previous Policy 3108
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Amended, 10/26/2006
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