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19.05.070 Bus shelters

            Bus shelters, including those on which commercial advertisements are placed, shall be permitted on private property with the following requirements as well as those in Section 19.14.100 (if applicable):

            (1)        Bus shelters on private property or in the public right-of-way shall apply to Layton City for a permit.  The fee shall be in accordance with the City's latest Consolidated Fee Schedule.

            (2)        The applicant shall provide to Layton City written approval from the transit authority for the proposed bus shelter.

            (3)        There shall only be one (1) bus shelter or bus bench at a designated public transportation stop.

            (4)        Bus shelters shall be limited to a total of twenty four (24) square feet of advertising.

            (5)        The applicant shall provide to the City several shelter designs to choose from.  A similar design shall be used at other locations in the City unless deemed inappropriate.

            (6)        Bus shelters shall not be located closer than twenty feet (20') to a fire hydrant.

            (7)        All bus shelters shall be supplied with a trash receptacle that is attached to the structure.

            (8)        The owner of the bus shelter shall maintain the site including the following requirements:

                        (a)        Snow shall be removed as required to provide complete access into and around within an area of ten feet (10') of the structure.

                        (b)        The trash receptacle shall be emptied on a weekly basis or more often if needed.

                        (c)        Any graffiti shall be removed within a forty-eight (48) hour period of notification of the City.

                        (d)        Failure to maintain the site in accordance with the above requirements will violate the contract and the shelter may be removed.

            (9)        Only an underground power supply shall be used to supply power to the shelter.

            (10)      There shall be a performance bond submitted to ensure completion of the shelter as approved as determined by the Community and Economic Development Department.

            (11)      The shelter shall be erected in compliance with all applicable sections of the Uniform Building Code (UBC).

            (12)      The owner of the bus shelter shall provide a contract stating that the City shall not be liable in the event that there is an injury on or around the shelter or due to disrepair of the shelter.

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