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19.21.060 Single event regulations

            In addition to the regulations listed in Section 19.21.020, single events shall also meet the following requirements:

            (1)        Single events may involve up to fifty (50) independent retailers per business license.  No fewer than three (3) retailers shall be associated with an outdoor single event.  Each single event shall obtain a business license from Layton City which will include a fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) per retailer in addition to the standard licensing fee;

            (2)        Outdoor single events are permitted in MU, MU-TOD, and all C zoning districts;

            (3)        Indoor single events shall have no limit to the number of vendors under each license;

            (4)        Any structure more than thirty inches (30") above ground level, requiring electrical, or that has a footprint larger than two hundred (200) square feet shall be inspected by a Layton City building and/or fire inspector; and

            (5)        A farmer's market event business license shall be valid for up to thirty (30) intermittent days not to begin before May 1st or extend beyond October 31st.

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