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19.11.040 Application

            Overall plan requirement.  An overall plan for development of a mobile home park shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for site plan review.  (See Chapter 19.13.)  The plan shall be drawn to a scale no smaller than one inch (1") to fifty feet (50').  At least eight (8) copies of the plan shall be submitted.  The plan shall show the following in addition to that required for site plan review:

            (1)        The topography of the site represented by contours, shown at not greater intervals than two feet (2') when required by the Planning Commission;

            (2)        The proposed street and mobile home space layout;

            (3)        The proposed reservations for parks, playgrounds, and open spaces;

            (4)        Tabulations showing percent of area to be devoted to parks, playgrounds, and open space, percent to mobile home and total area to be developed;

            (5)        Proposed location of parking space;

            (6)        Generalized landscaping and utility plan, including location of water, electricity, gas lines, and fire hydrants; and

            (7)        Any other data that the Planning Commission may require.

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