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19.05.060 Wireless telecommunication equipment

            Wireless Telecommunication equipment may be allowed with the following requirements:

            (1)        Wall mounted antennas.  Wall mounted antennas are permitted uses in C-H, CP-3, M-1, and M-2 zoning districts.  Wall mounted antennas must comply with the following criteria:

                        (a)        Wall mounted antennas shall not extend above the roof line of the building more than four feet (4').  Whip antennas shall not extend above the roof line of the building more than ten feet (10');

                        (b)        The Planning Commission may require antennas and all associated equipment to be painted to match the color of the building or surrounding area;

                        (c)        Wall mounted antennas may have a maximum area of forty (40) square feet per each side of a building.  The area is determined by drawing straight lines around the outermost portions of the antennas until enclosed;

                        (d)        All equipment associated with the use (excluding the antenna) must be screened by a view obstructing structure;

                        (e)        If the associated equipment is located on the ground it must be appropriately landscaped; and

                        (f)        Any appeals from a decision by the Zoning Administrator shall be to the Planning Commission and must be in writing, filed within ten (10) days of the Zoning Administrator's decision.

            (2)        Roof mounted antennas.  Roof mounted antennas are permitted uses in the C-H, CP-3, M-1, and M-2 zoning districts.  The following provisions and any applicable provisions in Subsection (1) above shall apply to roof mounted antennas:

                        (a)        Roof mounted antennas can only be mounted on structures with flat roofs.  Exceptions may be granted by Staff with the following stipulations:

                                    (i)         The tower will be mounted on the roof of a building such that the building will obstruct the view of the antenna from the front of the building;

                                    (ii)        The antenna will be less visible from ground level than the typical antenna mounted on a flat roof; and

                                    (iii)       Staff decisions may be appealed to the Planning Commission.

                        (b)        Roof mounted antennas must be setback from the front building edge one foot (1') for every one foot (1') of antenna height to a maximum of fifteen feet (15').

                        (c)        Mono-pole towers.  Mono-pole towers are allowed in manufacturing zoning districts as a permitted use.  Said towers must comply with all the requirements set forth in Subsection 19.14.100(2)(c).

                        (d)        Co-location on existing mono-pole towers is a permitted use in any zoning district and is handled administratively.  However, if the compound area needs to be expanded to handle additional equipment and the site is located in a zoning district that requires mono-pole towers to get a conditional use permit then the expansion is also a conditional use.

            (3)        Site location master plans.  Each company desiring placement of wireless telecommunications facilities shall submit a site location master plan.  The master plan shall be submitted to the Planning Commission and the Community and Economic Development Department prior to processing any permits for permitted or conditional use locations.  The master plan shall include an inventory of existing and anticipated sites for the City and within one-half (½) mile of the City boundary.  The plan shall indicate area coverage, if known, location, antenna height above existing grade, and antenna type for each site and be updated upon request from the Planning Commission.

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