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19.11.060 Standards and requirements

            (1)        Approval.  Approval of a conditional use permit shall be subject to the following conditions and regulations, and any additional conditions required by the Planning Commission or City Council.

                        (a)        The area shall be in one ownership, or if in several ownerships, the application for approval of the development shall be filed jointly by all the area owners of the property included in the plan.

                        (b)        The plans for a mobile home park shall be prepared by such qualified persons and with such additional plans as the Planning Commission may require.

                        (c)        The number of mobile homes shall be limited to eight (8) units per acre.  The mobile homes may be clustered, provided that the total number of units does not exceed the number permitted on one (1) acre multiplied by the number of acres in the development.  The remaining land not contained in individual lots, roads, or parking shall be set aside and developed as parks, playgrounds, and service areas for the common use and enjoyment of occupants of the development and visitors thereto.

                        (d)        Each park shall develop and permanently maintain one hundred (100) square feet of recreational vehicle storage area per unit within the park.

                        (e)        Not less than ten percent (10%) of the gross land area shall be set aside for the joint use of occupants.  Those portions set aside for open space shall be designed and landscaped in a manner making them attractive and usable, and shall not be remnant parcels.  The land covered by vehicular roadways, sidewalks, and off-street parking shall not be construed as part of the area required for parks and playgrounds.

                        (f)        No mobile home or add-on shall be located closer than fifteen feet (15') from the nearest portion of any other mobile home or add-on.  All mobile homes and add-ons shall be set back at least ten feet (10') from road curbs and walks.  If the tongue of the mobile home remains attached, it shall be set back a minimum of six feet (6') from the road curbs or walks.

                        (g)        All areas not covered by mobile homes, hard-surfacing, or building, shall be landscaped, approved by the City, and such landscaping shall be permanently maintained.

                        (h)        All off-street parking spaces and driveways shall be hard-surfaced before the adjacent mobile home spaces may be occupied.

                        (i)         Within forty-five (45) days of occupancy, each mobile home shall be skirted, or shields may be used, providing that they are fireproof and well painted or otherwise preserved.

                        (j)         A strip of land at least twenty feet (20') wide surrounding the entire park shall be left unoccupied by mobile homes and shall be planted and maintained in lawn, shrubs, and trees designed to afford privacy to the development.

                        (k)        Service buildings including offices, clubhouses, manager residences, and other accessory buildings as defined in Chapter 19.02, may be constructed within any mobile home park as approved by the City Council after recommendation by the Planning Commission.  All storage and solid waste receptacles outside the confines of any mobile home must be housed in a closed structure compatible in design and construction to any service buildings within the development.  The service building shall be constructed to standard commercial practice and kept in good repair as approved by the chief Building Official.

                        (l)         No mobile home space shall be rented for a period of less than thirty (30) days, and occupancy shall be by written lease only.

                        (m)       The roadways exclusive of the curbs and walks shall be of adequate width to accommodate anticipated traffic, but not less than twenty-six feet (26') in width.  There shall be no one-way traffic allowed.

                        (n)        Each mobile home park must have two (2) accesses to public streets at a minimum.

                        (o)        Storm drainage facilities shall be so constructed as to protect residents of the development as well as adjacent property owners.  Such facilities shall be of sufficient capacity to insure rapid drainage and prevent the accumulation of stagnant pools of water in or adjacent to the development.

                        (p)        Energy considerations shall be taken into account in terms of siting the pads and the inclusion of landscaping.

                        (q)        In addition to meeting the above requirements and conforming to the other laws of the City, all mobile home parks shall also conform to requirements adopted by the Utah State Board of Health.

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