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19.08.160 PRUD Design Review Committee

            (1)        A PRUD Design Review Committee shall be established by Layton City.  The Committee shall be responsible for providing support and recommendations to the staff regarding basic design elements as presented in a preliminary PRUD plan.  The PRUD Design Review Committee may also make recommendations regarding density bonuses based on the design options outlined in Subsection 19.08.090(8) of this Chapter.

            (2)        The Planning Commission shall instruct staff to select a group of at least five (5) members who are professionals from among the fields of:  architectural design, landscape architecture, urban design, architectural history, planning, and engineering.

                        (a)        There will be no regular meeting times of the PRUD Design Review Committee.  The Committee shall meet at such times and places and as often as necessary to review PRUD applications with staff.

                        (b)        The PRUD Design Review Committee, together with staff, shall review all design aspects of the preliminary PRUD plan, landscaping plans, and building elevations.

                        (c)        If a density bonus is proposed, the PRUD Design Review Committee, together with staff, shall determine an acceptable density bonus for the PRUD project, the density bonus recommendation shall be forwarded to the Planning Commission for consideration.

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