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19.07.070 Preliminary review and approval procedure

            Preliminary approval must first be received by the applicant prior to application for final approval.  All reports as submitted herein shall be prepared by persons or firms, either licensed to practice their specialty or expertise in the State of Utah, if such license for practice is required, or by one having demonstrable expertise in such field of practice.  The following items shall be submitted for preliminary approval:

            (1)        Grading and drainage report.  The application for preliminary approval shall include a plan for grading and a report on the method by which surface water and natural drainage will be accommodated.  The plan shall be prepared by a professional engineer licensed to practice in Utah, and shall include the following information:

                        (a)        Indication of existing and proposed contours;

                        (b)        Indication of the present and proposed slope for each graded area;

                        (c)        Location and identification (by species) of existing vegetation, an indication of vegetation proposed for removal, and a revegetation proposal;

                        (d)        Existing and proposed drainage patterns;

                        (e)        Location and depth of all proposed fills and cuts;

                        (f)        Description of the methods to be employed to achieve stabilization and compaction.  This requirement may be satisfied if it was required at conceptual, rezone, or annexation approval as part of the slope stabilization proposal;

                        (g)        Location and capacities of proposed drainage, structures, and erosion control measures;

                        (h)        Computation of maximum runoff for a ten (10) year storm before and after development; and

                        (i)         Location of existing buildings or structures on the site and location of existing buildings and structures on adjacent properties which are within one hundred feet (100') of the site, or which may be affected by any proposed grading or construction.

            (2)        The Planning Commission shall consider said application and shall recommend to the City Council approval or disapproval of the application.  If the Planning Commission recommends approval of the preliminary phases, the Planning Commission may attach such conditions as may be deemed necessary to secure the purposes as set forth in this Chapter.  If the Planning Commission recommends the application not be approved it shall forward the reasons therefor to the City Council.

            (3)        After receiving recommendations for approval or disapproval by the Planning Commission, the City Council may upon review approve or disapprove the application.  If the City Council approves the preliminary phase, they may attach such conditions as may be deemed necessary to secure the purposes as set forth in this Chapter.  If the City Council does not approve the application, the reasons therefor are to be provided to the applicant.

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