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19.12.100 Parking lot improvement requirements

            Every parcel of land hereafter used as a public or private parking area, including commercial parking lots and automobile, farm equipment, or other open-air sales lots shall be developed and maintained in accordance with the following requirements:

            (1)        Lots shall be properly graded for drainage, surfaced with concrete asphaltic concrete, asphalt, oil, or any other dust-free, hard surfacing and maintained in good condition, free of weeds, dust, trash, and debris;

            (2)        The sides and rear of any off-street parking area for more than five (5) vehicles which adjoins a residential or institutional building, or is contiguous to a residential zone, shall be effectively screened by light-tight masonry wall or solid fence.  Such wall or fence shall be of a height determined by the Planning Commission not to exceed eight feet (8') in height, and shall be maintained in good condition.  Advertising on walls and fences is prohibited except as an integral architectural part of the wall or fence and is approved by the Planning Commission;

            (3)        Lots shall be provided with entrances and exits so located as to minimize traffic congestion in compliance with Sections 19.12.160 and 19.12.170 of the Layton Municipal Code;

            (4)        Lots shall be provided with wheel or bumper guards at least eighteen inches (18") from a lot line or building, located so that no part of a parked vehicle will extend beyond the parking space;

            (5)        Lighting facilities shall be so arranged that they neither disturb occupants or adjacent residential properties or interfere with traffic;

            (6)        Lots shall be marked to indicate the number of parking spaces and the pattern of parking and circulation; and

            (7)        All applications for a building or occupancy permit shall be accompanied by a plot plan showing the required parking spaces, with ingress and egress.  Said plan shall be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission as outlined in Chapter 19.13 of the Layton Municipal Code or by the Planning Director, whichever applies.

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