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19.07.080 Final approval

            (1)        The application for final approval shall be filed with the Planning Department.  Such application shall include the applicable information required by the provisions of Chapters 19.05 and 19.08 of this Title, and Title 18, of this Code as the case may be.  Application for final approval may only be made after preliminary approval has been granted by the Planning Commission and City Council.

            (2)        The Planning Commission shall consider said application and shall recommend to the City Council approval or disapproval of the application.  If the Planning Commission recommends approval of the final plan, the Planning Commission may attach such conditions as may be deemed necessary to secure the purposes as set forth in this Chapter.  If the Planning Commission recommends the application not be approved it shall forward its reasons therefor to the City Council.

            (3)        If a project has proceeded forward with geologic/hydrologic or engineering recommendations the City may require that a qualified geotechnical engineer be on site, at the cost of the developer, for all phases of construction.  Letters stating that all required improvements have been installed as required would need to be provided within five (5) working days of completing the improvements.

            (4)        Restrictive covenants may be required to be submitted that contain the following:

                        (a)        A complete description of the geologic condition of the subject property, including references to all relevant reports.

                        (b)        Any restrictions regarding structures, grading, retaining, vegetation, etc.

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