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19.12.040 Parking space for all residential dwelling units

            In all residential zoning districts, there shall be provided in a private garage, or in a paved area properly located, sufficient space for the parking of automobiles for each unit.  For a new building or structure, additional units, or for the enlargement or increase in capacity, floor area, or guest rooms of an existing main building or structure, there shall be the following minimum number of permanently maintained parking spaces on the same lot with the main building as follows:

            (1)        For apartments, parking requirements shall be as follows:

Unit Type

Number of Parking


Visitor Parking

Per Unit




1 Bedroom



2 Bedroom



3 Bedroom



4 Bedroom



            (2)        That at least fifty percent (50%) of all parking spaces shall be enclosed or have an overhead covering.

            (3)        For mobile home parks, two (2) parking spaces for each unit in the park, plus one (1) space for each two (2) units to be designated for guest use.  Guest spaces shall be grouped to conveniently serve various blocks within the park.  In addition there shall be ten (10) spaces located at any associated community/recreation centers.  An area of at least one hundred (100) square feet for each mobile home space contained within the park shall be provided for the storage of recreation vehicles.

            (4)        For a "Planned Residential Unit Development" (PRUD) or residential condominium project, two (2) spaces per unit with at least fifty percent (50%) of the parking spaces enclosed or having an overhead covering.  Where there are twenty-five (25) or more units that are attached in a proposed project, recreational vehicle parking may be required in an amount to be set by the Planning Commission.  In addition there shall be one (1) space for each two (2) units designated as guest parking scattered in small groups to conveniently serve the various blocks within the development.

            (5)        Elderly apartment, one and one quarter (1¼) stalls per unit.

            (6)        Residential facility for elderly persons, one (1) stall for every two (2) beds.

            (7)        Nursing Homes, one (1) stall for every four (4) beds.

            (8)        Accessory residential dwelling units, one (1) additional off-street parking space.

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