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19.24.070 Final Condominium/Townhouse review process

            (1)        After the approval of the preliminary plan and prior to the construction of any building or structure, a final plan shall be submitted and approved by the Planning Commission and City Council.  Said plans may be submitted in phases, provided each phase can exist as a separate project capable of independently meeting all of the requirements of this Chapter.  The separate development of said phases shall not be detrimental to the overall project nor to the adjacent properties in the event that the remainder of the project is not completed.  Said final plan shall be drawn to scale and shall contain the following information:

                        (a)        All of those requirements designated for submission with preliminary plans;

                        (b)        A certified survey of the property showing any survey conflicts with adjoining properties, any discrepancies between the survey descriptions and existing fence lines, and overlaps with adjoining property descriptions;

                        (c)        Tabulations of all dwelling units to be constructed by types and number of bedrooms per unit;

                        (d)        Detailed development plan with completed dimensions showing precise locations of all buildings and structures, lot or parcel sizes and locations, designations of common open spaces and special use areas, detailed circulation pattern including proposed ownership and typical cross section of streets;

                        (e)        Final exterior design for all building types, presented as exterior perspectives or exterior elevations;

                        (f)        Detailed landscaping plans showing the types and sizes of all plant materials and their locations, decorative materials, recreation equipment, special effects, and sprinkler irrigation systems;

                        (g)        Dimensioned parking layout showing location of individual parking stalls and all areas of ingress or egress;

                        (h)        Detailed engineering plans showing site grading, street improvements, drainage, and public and private utility locations, and submission of engineering feasibility studies, stamped by a licensed professional engineer, if required by the City Engineer;

                        (i)         Fully executed declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions, together with open space easements and other bonds, guarantees, or agreements as required herein or, as may have been recommended by the Planning Commission and deemed necessary by the City Council to meet the objectives of this Chapter.  The bond will be one hundred ten percent (110%) of all improvements both public and private.  Including, but not limited to, all landscaping, playgrounds, pathways, fencing and any other recreational amenity;

                        (j)         A time schedule for the completion of landscaping, parking, street improvements, and other improvements and amenities which are guaranteed by bonds or other securities; and

                        (k)        Any additional information required by the Development Guidelines and Design Standards.

            (2)        Any failure to receive final plan approval from the City Council within two (2) years of the approval of the preliminary plan shall terminate all proceedings and render the conceptual plan null and void.

Ord. No. 06-57, Enacted 12/21/2006Ord. No. 07-19, Amended, 6/21/2007