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19.08.110 Streets, circulation, and parking

            (1)        The design of public and private streets within a PRUD shall follow City standards for width of right-of-way and construction as outlined in Chapters 18.24 and 18.50 of this Code and the Development Guidelines and Design Standards.

            (2)        All private streets within a PRUD shall be dedicated as public utility easements and all underground improvements shall be constructed per Layton City standards.

            (3)        Points of primary vehicular access to a PRUD shall be designed to provide smooth traffic flow with controlled turning movements and minimum hazards to vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic.  Points of intersection between internal and external circulation systems shall be so arranged that both systems function in a safe and efficient manner.

            (4)        The required off-street parking shall be distributed throughout the PRUD and provide reasonable access to all residential structures within the project.

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