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19.07.090 Density, lot size, width, and characteristics

            (1)        Single family dwelling units.

                        (a)        Minimum lot size.  The minimum lot size with respect to lots upon which single family dwelling units are located in subdivisions or otherwise shall be determined by reference to the following table:

Average Slope of

Development Site


Lot Size


Lot Width

0 - 15%

As indicated in zoning

At least 70 feet at front yard setback line

15.1 - 20%

10,000 square feet

At least 80 feet at front yard setback line

20.1 - 30%

15,000 square feet

100 feet at front yard setback line

30.1% +

Not permitted

(b)        Yard regulations.  See regulations for residential zones in Chapter 19.05.

                        (c)        Maximum impervious material coverage.  The maximum impervious material coverage that shall be allowed on lots upon which single family dwelling units are located shall be as set forth in Chapter 19.05.

                        (d)        Usable area.  Single family dwelling structures shall be located only upon areas constituting usable land and which area shall be fully contiguous and shall be at least five thousand (5,000) square feet in space, and shall have a minimum dimension either length or width, of fifty feet (50').

                        (e)        Lot and access design.  Single family dwelling structures shall not be located further than two hundred feet (200') from the nearest public street; however, the Construction Staff may grant an exception to such requirement provided that the following conditions are complied with as a condition precedent to the granting of such exception:

                                    (i)         Recommendation.  Prior receipt of a recommendation from the Planning Commission based on its review of utility services, surrounding land conditions, coordination of development and similar circumstances; and

                                    (ii)        Road and access requirements as defined in Section 19.07.100.

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