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Shiloh Kestel (Eliminated) - Council Candidate


Layton is a fantastic city and I’m a grassroots candidate driven by the desire to build Layton into the flagship city of Davis county.

Layton City is where I call home -- it is where I bought my first house, and I want to see it grow and flourish. I appreciate it even more in the context of where I’ve lived, from the mountain west, to the east coast.

I’ve watched several approaches to city government and I believe I can bring the best of them to our great city. I approach this challenge with a long-term perspective designed to keep Layton moving forward for future generations.

I have served in leadership positions both in my professional career and in volunteer work. As an engineer, I take pride in studying the little details on any project I am involved with. I know as a city council member I will be able to apply these skills to city management.