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19.11.050 Approval process and considerations

            As all mobile home parks are conditional uses, a request for a conditional use permit must be made in conjunction with a preliminary plan to the Planning Commission.  An overall master plan for the development of the mobile home park shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for review purposes.  The Planning Commission shall then provide recommendations to the City Council on both the conditional use permit and the preliminary plan with any conditions they deem appropriate.  The Layton City Council shall then approve, subject to the Planning Commission's additional requirement or additional requirements of the City Council; or deny both the conditional use permit and preliminary plan.

            In determining the appropriateness of the proposed project, the Planning Commission and City Council shall specifically consider whether the proposed development will:

            (1)        Be in keeping with the general character of the zoning district within which the proposed development will be located;

            (2)        Be located on a parcel of land containing not less than ten (10) acres, or on two (2) or more parcels separated by a street or alley only, and totaling ten (10) acres;

            (3)        Have at least twenty-five (25) pads completed and ready for occupancy before the first occupancy is permitted; and

            (4)        Meet all standards and requirements of this Title and all other requirements of applicable ordinances of Layton City.

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