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19.14.070 Temporary; Conditional uses

            A conditional use permit for temporary business buildings may be issued by the Planning Commission only as indicated in Subsection (1) below.  The conditional use permit shall be valid for a period of one (1) year or as further qualified in Subsection (1) below.  The Planning Commission may grant a maximum of two (2) extensions of six (6) months each to the conditional use permit so long as all other provisions of this Section are complied with and any associated building permit remains valid.

            (1)        Temporary business buildings in any zoning district that are used during construction of the permanent structure may be allowed if granted a conditional use by the Planning Commission, and if the following conditions have been met:

                        (a)        The building permit for the permanent structure has been issued.

                        (b)        Temporary structures must be completely skirted.         

                        (c)        Temporary structures shall comply with the setbacks for the zoning district.

                        (d)        Temporary structures must be located outside of all clear view areas as defined in Section 19.16.080.

                        (e)        The temporary structure will be removed from the premises within fourteen (14) days of occupancy of the permanent structure.

                        (f)        In the case of temporary sales offices in residential zoning districts the sales office must be removed fourteen (14) days after occupancy of the model home or six (6) months after approval for the temporary sales office if the model home is not completed.

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