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Municipal Code

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19.25.020 Permitted and conditional uses

            (1)        See Chapter 19.06, Table 6-2 of this Title.

            (2)        The following land uses may not be located on individual pad sites or parcels.  They must be part of a larger building or physically connected and integrated into the complex or project.

                        (a)        General retail/commercial – forty thousand (40,000) square feet per tenant or floor.

                        (b)        Grocery store.

                        (c)        Indoor amusement.

                        (d)        Fast food.

                        (e)        Theater – indoor.

                        (f)        Residential dwelling – multiple unit.

            (3)        Upon approval of the development plan by the Planning Commission, all uses allowed in the development plan shall be processed as if they are permitted uses.

Ord. No. 08-40, Enacted, 8/7/2008