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19.17.030 Planning Commission review

            (1)        The Planning Commission shall review the petition and certify its recommendations to the City Council within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the petition.

            (2)        The Planning Commission shall recommend adoption of proposed amendments only where it finds the proposed amendment furthers the purpose of the Layton City General Plan, or that changed conditions make the proposed amendment necessary to fulfill the purposes of this Title.

            (3)        At least seven (7) days prior to the Planning Commission meeting during which a petition requesting action regarding identifiable parcel(s) of property, is to be considered the Planning Director or designated agent shall post a minimum of one (1) sign on each frontage of the subject property stating the proposed or requested action, and the date, time, and location of the Planning Commission meeting where the petition will be considered.

            (4)        Prior to making recommendations to the City Council regarding amendments to the Layton City General Plan or the Layton City Subdivision Ordinance, the Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing and shall give notice of said public hearing.  Notice of hearing shall be published in at least one (1) newspaper of general circulation in Layton, at least fourteen (14) days prior to such hearing.

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