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19.13.030 Definitions

            (1)        "Development Plan" means all plans, studies, plats, statements, reports, and information required by all applicable provisions of this Title.

            (2)        "Site Plan" means:

            Every site plan shall include all of the following information:

                        (a)        Date, north arrow, and appropriate scale to reflect adequately and clearly the detail necessary to describe the use.  The drawing shall be accurate in terms of scale and dimensions;

                        (b)        The legal description of subject property;

                        (c)        The dimensions and location of existing and proposed improvements, including, but not limited to, buildings, fencing, hard surfacing, and landscaping;

                        (d)        Motor vehicle access, including individual parking stalls, circulation patterns, and curb cuts;

                        (e)        Any driveway or intersecting street across the street from the proposed development and driveways and streets within one-hundred fifty feet (150') of the development site; and

                        (f)        The location, height, and size of proposed signs, lighting, and advertising devices, if applicable.

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