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19.05.020 General development and lot requirements for all zoning districts

            (1)        Semi-private recreation clubs.  The Planning Commission may permit, as a conditional use, the use of land in any zoning district for semi-private swimming clubs, tennis courts, or other recreational facilities providing that in all such cases, the following conditions are met:

                        (a)        The facilities shall be owned and maintained by the members; and

                        (b)        A minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the membership must be residents of the neighborhood or section of the subdivision.

            (2)        Yard space for one building only.  No required yard or other open space around an existing building or which is hereafter provided around any building, for the purpose of complying with the provisions of this Title, shall be considered as providing yard or open space for any other building; nor shall any yard or other open space on an adjoining lot be considered as providing a yard or open space on a lot whereon a building is to be erected or established; nor shall side yards or required width of any lot be acquired by purchase or other means by making substandard the side yards or width of any adjacent lot.  No space needed to meet the width, depth, yard, area, parking or other requirements of this Title for lot or building may be sold or leased away from such lot or building.

            (3)        Every dwelling on a lot.  Every dwelling structure shall be located and maintained on a separate lot having no less than the minimum area, width, depth and frontage required by this Title for the zoning district in which the dwelling structure is located, except that group dwelling complexes and planned residential unit developments (PRUDs), or other more flexible requirements as permitted by this Title, may vary from this requirement.

            (4)        Reduction in lot size permitted.  No parcel of land, which has less than the minimum width frontage, and area requirements for a building lot for the zoning district in which it is located, may be cut off, placed under separate deed, or sold from a larger parcel of land for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of building or development as a building lot unless a variance is granted by the Board of Adjustment as per Section 19.18.070 of this Title.

            (5)        Lot standards.  Except for more flexible requirements such as those pertaining to planned residential unit developments (PRUDs), group dwellings, or as may be otherwise provided in this Title, every lot within the City shall have such area and the required frontage upon a dedicated public or approved private street, as is required by this Title, before a building permit may be issued.

            (6)        Approval of culinary water supply and sewage disposal required.  Where either a supply of piped water under pressure, approved for use by the municipality or a connection to an approved sanitary sewer system is not available, no building permit shall be issued for main buildings, or other buildings which would utilize such facilities until the proposed plan for sewage disposal and the proposed source of water supply has been approved by the Davis County Board of Health and Layton City.

            (7)        No obstructions in flood plain.  No building, structure, fence, or other obstruction may be constructed within any portion of "Zone A" as defined on the FEMA Flood Insurance Map.  No such flood plains as defined by FEMA, may be otherwise reduced in effectiveness in any manner by the dumping of garbage, other refuse, or earth, or by leveling or obliterating it otherwise.

            (8)        Use of solar energy encouraged.  The use of active and passive solar energy is encouraged for use in developments where such technology would be appropriate.  A property owner may either purchase or receive as a gift, solar rights from another property owner.  Such transactions should be recorded with the Davis County Recorder's Office.

            (9)        Energy conservation.  The conservation of non-renewable energy sources is encouraged through the use of proper building materials and site planning.  Such concerns will be considered by the staff and Planning Commission at the time the site plan is reviewed.

            (10)      Effect of Master Street Plan on location of structures.  The mapped street line provided by the Master Street Plan shall be considered as the front lot line of a building lot and the setback from that line shall be the same as required for any front setback, and no building or structure shall be erected within the right-of-way of the proposed street shown on the Master Street Plan.

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