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19.21.020 General regulations

            These general regulations shall apply to each of the temporary and seasonal uses that are subject to this Chapter of the Layton Municipal Code.

            (1)        The use is not materially detrimental to the public health, safety, or welfare, nor injurious to property or improvements in the immediate vicinity of the use, as determined by the Zoning Administrator.

            (2)        The use is compatible with the purpose and intent of this Code and the specific Land Use District in which it will be located, as determined by the Zoning Administrator.

            (3)        No structure or signage associated with a temporary use shall be located in clear view areas.

            (4)        The use shall be placed so as not to disrupt the vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow into or out of a site.

            (5)        The use will not cause noise, light, or glare which adversely impacts surrounding uses.

            (6)        The applicant has obtained written permission from the property owner to locate the proposed use.

            (7)        Each temporary use under this Chapter shall have a current Layton City business license except as specified otherwise.

            (8)        With the exception of kiosks, street vendors, and mobile food vendors; no temporary use shall be located within three hundred feet (300') of any other use in this Chapter which is classified under the same definition, except where separated by a public right-of-way.

            (9)        A copy of an approved business license shall be kept in the business location at all times.

            (10)      All temporary and seasonal business permits shall bear an expiration date for the business.

            (11)      All temporary business sites shall be cleaned and cleared of any debris, garbage, and equipment including the area within fifteen feet (15') of the use, within three (3) days after the business license expires or the use vacates the site, whichever comes first.

            (12)      All sign requirements not specifically outlined in this Chapter shall adhere to standards contained in Title 20.

            (13)      Required signage shall not count against the total permitted signage for a temporary business or the primary business on the lot.

            (14)      Temporary uses shall not be located in landscaped areas.

            (15)      Any use under this Chapter serving prepared food shall acquire a permit from the Davis County Health Department and submit said permit with their business license application to the City.

            (16)      All business license applications shall include a detailed site plan with the following:

                        (a)        Business name, location (address), and type;

                        (b)        North arrow;

                        (c)        Adjacent streets;

                        (d)        Specific location and dimensions of the temporary use;

                        (e)        Any applicable buffer requirements; and

                        (f)        Adjacent landscaping.

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