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19.11.090 Guarantees

            For mobile home parks, adequate and reasonable guarantees must be provided as determined by the Planning Commission for permanent retention of open space and for the maintenance of roadways, storage facilities, service facilities, and landscaping resulting from the application of these regulations.  Guarantees may be in the form of a bond or an interest in real estate or in other forms to be determined by the Planning Commission, which form must be approved by the City Council and City Attorney.

            (1)        In any case when a mobile home park is owned by more than one (1) person, the developer shall establish and appoint a park manager.  The manager shall be a resident of Layton, and shall be authorized to receive, process, and represent fully the interest of the owners with respect to management and maintenance of the park.

            (2)        Prerequisite to the operation of any mobile home park in Layton shall be the obtaining of an annual business license.

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