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19.26.050 Development plan

            (1)        The property owner shall prepare and submit a proposed development plan for the subject property for review and approval by the Planning Commission.

            (2)        A Design Review Committee for MU-TOD development plans shall be established by Layton City.  The Committee shall be responsible for providing support and recommendations to the staff regarding basic design elements as presented in the mixed-use development plan.

            (3)        The Planning Commission shall instruct staff to select a group of at least five (5) members who are professionals from among the fields of architectural design, landscape architecture, urban design, architectural history, planning, and engineering.

                        (a)        The Committee shall receive copies of the development plan and design elements and together with staff, shall review all design aspects of the preliminary plan, landscaping plans, and building elevations.  The Committee may provide written input to staff or a formal meeting may be scheduled to review the proposed project.

            (4)        The development plan guides all development within a particular project and at a minimum shall include a site plan, a pedestrian connection/trail plan, conceptual building elevations and design schemes, streetscape and setback diagrams, an accurate legal description or survey, plus any other information typically required for site plan review.

            (5)        The general categories and land uses proposed within a MU-TOD project shall be specified in the development plan.  The approved development plan shall be considered an integral part of the zoning regulations for the subject area.  Substantial variation between the development plan and the final site plan requires approval by the Planning Commission.  A substantial variation is any addition, modification, or alteration to a building or site plan that exceeds twenty percent (20%) of the gross floor area, site acreage, or exterior building surface or any change in use greater than five percent (5%) of the total project floor area.  All modifications must meet the minimum standards required by this ordinance.

Ord. No. 07-19, Enacted, 6/21/2007