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19.06.070 Household pets

            (1)        Household pets shall be limited to the keeping of not more than two (2) dogs or cats, or combination thereof, four (4) months old or older.  In addition to the two (2) permitted animals, one seeing-eye, search and rescue, or other aid dog may be allowed under the following circumstances:

                        (a)        A conditional use permit is issued by the Planning Commission.  In addition to the typical items considered by the Planning Commission for a conditional use, the following shall also be reviewed:

                                    (i)         The location and size of any outdoor pens, runs, or enclosures;

                                    (ii)        The owner's demonstrated ability to keep the additional animal in a clean and healthy environment and in a manner that is not contrary to the general health and welfare of the citizenry;

                                    (iii)       That the animals will be kept in accordance to all Davis County Health and Davis County Animal Control requirements; and

                                    (iv)       The premises shall be subject to inspection annually by the Community and Economic Development Department.

                        (b)        The aid dog is certified to serve in the capacity intended by the independent and qualified agency.  Aid dogs that are in the process of being trained shall have not more than six (6) months to become certified unless a longer period is granted by the Planning Commission.  The certification of the aid dog is subject to inspection annually by the Community and Economic Development Department.  Failure to obtain the certification in the prescribed time period, and maintenance of it thereafter, shall result in the revocation of the conditional use permit; and

                        (c)        The owner of the aid dog owns and was keeping two (2) dogs or cats or combination thereof prior to obtaining the aid dog.

            (2)        If after receiving a permit for the third animal, either of the two (2) non-certified animals becomes absent from the premises, for whatever reason, said animal shall not be replaced.

            (3)        Show, hunting, or other animals not trained and certified to give aid to the physically or mentally impaired, or serve in search and rescue efforts shall not qualify for the keeping of the third animal.

            (4)        A dwelling may have a total of six (6) animals [not including animals listed in Subsection (1)] or fowl customarily kept within the home, including but not limited to hamsters, guinea pigs, parakeets, canaries, etc.  Said animals shall be for family use only and not raised for commercial purposes.

            (5)        Animals normally associated with being kept outdoors and/or normally associated with agricultural areas such as horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, or other farm animals, shall not be allowed as household pets.

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