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19.01.225 Development agreements.

            The City Council, upon recommendation of the Planning Commission, is hereby authorized to enter into development agreements with individuals and/or entities.  The City Council may require a development agreement for any annexation application, rezone application, development, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or placement of improvement upon any property, for which a permit would be required, for the purpose of:

            (1)        Protecting the health, welfare, and safety of the citizenry;

            (2)        Addressing proposed projects, and the impacts of such projects, which may not have been contemplated by the Code;

            (3)        Addressing issues of the density of developments when required to balance competing interest;

            (4)        Refining uses within the development in furtherance of the General Plan when considering neighboring properties;

            (5)        Resolving issues regarding unique features or challenges confronting development;

            (6)        Protecting sensitive lands;

            (7)        Protecting public properties and interests, both tangible and intangible;

            (8)        Clarifying the application of Code requirements or City standards;

            (9)        Ensuring adherence to the overall intent of the City Code; and

            (10)      For any other purpose consistent herewith; or,

            (11)      When mutually agreed upon with the developer.

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