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Layton Police Department Tours (Scout Tours)

The Community Resource Unit offers scheduled tours of the Layton Police Department. The tour will consist of viewing the different areas of the department as well as the police motorcycles and vehicles. Please plan at least two weeks in advance for a tour. To schedule a tour of the Police Department call (801) 336-3437.

The Layton Police Department Community Resource Unit offers the following classes as part of their community education program. Contact the Community Resource Unit at (801) 336-3437 or (801) 336-3401 to schedule a class for your group or to receive further information. Please call at least two weeks before you want the presentation and if possible be flexible on the day of the week.


Assault Defense for Women

The Layton Police Department teaches an Assault Defense for Women class several times each year. The free class is for women and girls only, and attendees must be 16 years of age or older due to some of the content discussed in the class. Those attending will learn the dynamics of various types of assaults in a classroom setting, and then practice some basic strikes and physical techniques to defend themselves. The class is capped at 20 participants each session, and dates are announced periodically on the Layton City Police Department Facebook page.

Contact Lt. Travis Lyman at (801) 336-3443 for more details.

Child Identification Kits

The Child ID Kits contain personal information as well as a current image and fingerprints for your child. A digital image is taken and fingerprints are scanned into a computer to produce the final product. The images and the fingerprints taken are NOT kept on file at the Police Department. Once the information is printed the record is erased. The printout of your child’s information should be kept in a safe place and updated yearly. To find out when the next child identification event will be held, contact the Layton Police Department at (801) 336-3437.

Internet Safety Presentations

These presentations are age-appropriate and are tailored to the attention span and interest of the audience. Young children (Grades K-2) are introduced to the presence of online dangers and the importance of using the Internet with a trusted adult. Older children (Grades 3-6) learn what to watch out for online and how to avoid these dangers. Teens (Middle and High School) are shown the consequences of risky Internet behavior. Adults are taught basic Internet concepts and shown how easy it is for someone to find personal information about their children. They will also receive resources for communicating with children and teenagers about Internet concerns in a positive manner.

Neighborhood Watch

This program includes two classes designed to support the Neighborhood Watch Program. While the program is actually administered by the Layton Community Action Council, the Layton Police Department is responsible for providing initial training. The first class is all about getting started in a Neighborhood Watch Program. It focuses on observation skills and tips for detecting suspicious activity. The second class is designed for groups that are ready to branch out into a mobile neighborhood watch system. This class builds on the start up course, but it also discusses qualifications and requirements, laws, and area crime statistics. When you contact the Community Resource Division for information on starting a neighborhood watch group, we will put you in touch with the appropriate coordinator and they will work with you to set up a training date.

Neighborhood Watch Pamphlet

For more information, email


radKIDS is a child safety and empowerment course taught by the Layton City Police Department for elementary students 7 to 12 years old. The radKIDS course focuses on a variety of aspects of child safety including bicycle safety, vehicle safety, fire safety and stranger safety. Classes are taught at various elementary schools in Layton throughout the summer.

Register online through Layton City's Parks and Recreation Department:

Alarm Permits

Businesses and residences having an alarm system are required to obtain a permit from the Police Department. Applications for the permit can be obtained from the company installing your alarm.

The application must be filled out completely and must bear signatures from the property owner, installer of the alarm, and authorized representative of the alarm company. The application must also list three responsible parties who will be available and willing to respond to the premise in case of an alarm. When the application is complete, your alarm company should send the application to the Police Department.

There are no fees associated with the alarm permit however, if more than two false alarms occur at the same premises within a three month period, the property owner will be assessed a fee. Additionally, on business premise alarms, if no responsible party responds, the owner of the business will be assessed a fee. For further information regarding fees and alarms see Chapter 5.28 of the Layton City Municipal Code.

Beer Handler Permits

Due to recent changes in Utah law, Layton Police Department no longer issues handler permits to retail employees who sell alcohol for off-premise consumption. Training and certification of employees is now regulated by the State. Go to for more information regarding Utah State requirements.

These changes did not affect Layton City licensing requirements for retail establishments. See Layton Municipal Code 5.16.100 Beer Retailer License for more information regarding requirements for retail establishments.

Criminal History Check

If you are a resident of Layton City you may request a copy of your own Utah criminal history between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. A $10.00 fee will be assessed at the time of application and you must bring state or federal government issued photo ID. You may only request a copy of your own record and only the Utah criminal history files will be checked. For information regarding national criminal history checks contact the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification at


The Layton Police Department generally offers fingerprinting on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M., excluding holidays. Fingerprint services are available only to Layton City residents and/or employees of Layton businesses that require fingerprints by law. Individuals requesting fingerprints must provide proof of residency and/or employment. The cost is $15.00 per person for up to three cards and $5.00 for each additional card. For schedule changes, contact the Records Division at (801) 336-3530.

Letter of Good Conduct

The Police Department will provide a letter of good conduct to citizens of Layton City free of charge, provided there is no record at the Layton Police Department of a criminal conviction. These letters are generally used for individuals wishing to obtain a Visa for international travel.


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