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19.21.040 Street vendor regulations

            In addition to the regulations listed in the General Regulations Section of this Chapter, street vendors shall also meet the following requirements:

            (1)        Vendors are permitted in the MU, MU-TOD, C-H, and CP-3 zoning districts;

            (2)        Vendors shall be located on improved property which means said property includes a main building, paved parking, curb and gutter, sidewalk, landscaping, and fire protection systems as required by the City;

            (3)        Businesses under this Section shall not occupy more than fifteen percent (15%) of parking stalls on the lot where the business has been approved;

            (4)        Vendors are not permitted any additional signage beyond that which is permanently attached to or painted on the cart except that one (1) menu sign may be detached.  A menu sign shall not be larger than six (6) square feet and may be attached to the cart or freestanding within five feet (5') of the cart but outside of any landscaping;

            (5)        All equipment related to a street vendor shall be removed from the site no later than thirty (30) minutes after closing each day;

            (6)        A vendor facility shall not be self propelled;

            (7)        Vendors shall maintain the following separation distances and shall be so located as to not constitute an obstruction to pedestrians, vehicles, or to other businesses:

                        (a)        Fifteen feet (15') from a building entrance; and

                        (b)        Ten feet (10') from a fire hydrant;

            (8)        Vendors' facilities shall be attended by an owner or employee at all times during the vendors' business hours;

            (9)        Vendors shall not conduct business in areas other than the approved location;

            (10)      Vendors' facilities shall be cleaned and cleared of any debris, garbage, and equipment, including the area within fifteen feet (15') of the use, every day no later than thirty (30) minutes after closing;

            (11)      Vendor business licenses shall have a standard duration of four (4) months (Example June 15th to October 15th) beginning on the day the license is approved;

            (12)      Pictures or detailed drawings of the vendors' facilities that show colors and materials shall be submitted with the business license application; and

            (13)      Buffers shall not apply when temporary uses are separated by a public right-of-way.

            (14)      In addition to requirements (1) through (13) of this Section, street vendors in MU and MU-TOD zoning districts shall adhere to the following requirements:

                        (a)        Vendors in these zoning districts shall only operate out of a cart;

                        (b)        Vendors' facilities shall not be larger than one hundred (100) square feet;

                        (c)        Vendors in these zoning districts shall not be allowed any tables or chairs;

                        (d)        Vendors' facilities are allowed on sidewalks and within street rights-of-way if all other criteria of this Chapter are met and as approved by the Community and Economic Development Director;

                        (e)        Up to three (3) vendors are permitted per five hundred feet (500') of street frontage;

                        (f)        Vendors' carts shall be constructed out of washable plastic, fiberglass, or noncorrosive metal materials.  All carts shall maintain a new or near-new appearance;

                        (g)        Vendors shall be permitted three (3) coolers or two hundred (200) quarts of cooler storage, whichever is less, for food storage to be placed around the carts; and

                        (h)        Any display products and accessory items such as condiments shall be contained within the cart.  No product or accessory items shall be located on a separate cart, shelf, or table.

            (15)      In addition to requirements (1) through (13) of this Section, street vendors in C-H and CP-3 zoning districts shall adhere to the following requirements:

                        (a)        Vendors shall be located on asphalt or concrete parking surface;

                        (b)        Vendors shall maintain the three hundred foot (300') buffer requirement found in Section 19.21.020(8); and

                        (c)        Vendors' trailers shall not be larger than one hundred and sixty (160) square feet.

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