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19.12.170 Access to all other uses

            Access to all uses not listed hereinabove, including parking lots and apartments, mobile home developments, business, and industrial uses, shall be limited as follows:

            (1)        Location of driveway.  Location of driveway where access is provided by one (1) driveway or two (2) or more connecting driveways shall be as follows:  (See Appendix Diagram A-10 ):

                        (a)        Access shall be by not more than one (1) driveway for the first one hundred feet (100') of frontage and one (1) additional driveway for each additional one hundred fifty feet (150') of frontage.  For lots with more than one hundred seventy-five feet (175') and less than two hundred fifty feet (250') of frontage, two (2) driveways may be allowed by the Planning Commission.

                        (b)        No two (2) of these driveways shall be closer to each other than fifty feet (50'), and no driveway shall be closer to a side lot line than twenty feet (20') except as granted by the Board of Adjustment upon recommendation from the Planning Commission.

                        (c)        Driveways are to be located as approved by the City staff.  In no case shall a driveway on an arterial street, be located closer than eighty feet (80') from the point of intersection of the arterial or any other street.  For any local or collector street intersecting an arterial street, driveways on the local or collector shall be a minimum of fifty feet (50') from the intersection.  For all collector and local streets, the minimum distance for a driveway from any intersection of such streets shall be fifty feet (50').  Where a traffic signal either exists, or is anticipated at any street intersection, the setback for any driveway from that intersection shall be a minimum of two hundred feet (200') unless an exception is granted by the Board of Adjustment upon recommendation from the Planning Commission.  The distance shall be measured from the point of intersection of the two (2) converging front lot lines or of two (2) lines lying tangent to and in the same direction as the front lot lines.  No driveway shall be located across any curved section of frontage lying between the point of intersection and the point of tangency.

                        (d)        Lots with frontages of one hundred fifty feet (150') or less are encouraged to share access to streets with adjacent lots.  Where this is feasible, the Planning Commission may require joint access on any width lot(s).  Where it is determined to be infeasible by the Planning Commission, they may refer the proposed driveway location(s) to the Board of Adjustment with a recommendation for exception.

                        (e)        The design, location, and width of all driveways entering a state highway shall be done as required by the Utah Department of Transportation.  Approval of the driveway(s) shall be provided to the City in writing prior to the issuance of any building permit.

            (2)        Width of driveway.  Each driveway shall have a width of not less than twenty feet (20') nor greater than thirty-five feet (35') in width on local and collector streets.  On City arterial streets the width shall not be less than twenty-eight feet (28'), nor exceed forty feet (40') in width.  The measurement of driveways shall be taken at right angles to the centerline of the driveway at the front lot line and shall be from face to face of the curb radii, or at a point a flared approach meets the typical location of the sidewalk.

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