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19.21.030 Kiosk regulations

            In addition to the regulations listed in Section 19.21.020, kiosks shall also meet the following requirements:

            (1)        Kiosks are permitted in all M, C, MU, and MU-TOD zoning districts;

            (2)        All kiosk signage is limited to signs permanently attached to or painted on the structure;

            (3)        Kiosks shall have no minimum buffer requirements from any other temporary uses, including other kiosks under this Chapter;

            (4)        Periodical stands shall be clustered in groups of no more than four (4) stands, with at least one hundred feet (100') between clusters;

            (5)        The use shall be located on improved property which means said property includes a main building, paved parking, curb and gutter, sidewalk, landscaping, and fire protection systems as required by the City;

            (6)        Kiosks shall be limited in height to ten feet (10') measured from the ground to the highest point of the structure;

            (7)        Kiosks are allowed on public properties and within City rights-of-way on a case by case basis with approval from the Community and Economic Development Director; and

            (8)        Resource recycling containers shall be clearly marked with their intended purpose, owner's name, owner's contact information, and a notice that no recyclable materials or waste shall be left outside the approved container.

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