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19.21.050 Tent vendor and snow shack regulations

            In addition to the regulations listed in the General Regulations Section of this Chapter, tent vendors shall also meet the following requirements:

            (1)        Businesses under this Section shall not occupy more than fifteen percent (15%) of parking stalls on the lot where the business has been approved;

            (2)        Businesses under this Section are permitted thirty (30) square feet of banner signage as allowed with an approved business license.  Signage shall be attached to or painted on the structure;

            (3)        Structures shall be secured to the ground in accordance with current Building Codes;

            (4)        A tent vendor shall be limited to one (1) of the following:

                        (a)        An auto glass repair station or a similar use as approved by the Community and Economic Development Director;

                                    (i)         Shall be limited to locations at existing gas stations or other auto related business parcels; and

                                    (ii)        Shall be limited to a footprint no larger than one hundred (100) square feet;

                        (b)        A produce stand used to sell farmer-direct goods:

                                    (i)         Shall be permitted in all C and MU zoning districts.  They shall also be permitted in A zoning districts if produce is sold on the same property by which it was grown;

                                    (ii)        Uses located on agriculturally zoned property that are run by the landowner are exempt from business licensing but shall adhere to the standards of this Chapter; and

                                    (iii)       A business license for produce stands shall be valid from May 1st to October 31st;

                        (c)        A tent event that is associated with a legally licensed Layton City business:

                                    (i)         Shall be limited to all C and MU zoning districts;

                                    (ii)        Shall be limited to the lot for which it is associated; and

                                    (iii)       Shall be limited to a maximum of four (4) events per calendar year.  Events shall not last longer than thirty (30) days.

            (5)        In addition to requirements (1) through (3) of this Section, snow shacks shall adhere to the following requirements:

                        (a)        Shall be permitted in all C and MU zoning districts;

                        (b)        Snow shack facilities shall not be larger than one hundred and sixty (160) square feet;

                        (c)        Snow shacks in the MU-TOD zoning district shall be limited to one hundred (100) square feet and shall not be conducted out of a trailer;

                        (d)        Shall be painted and articulated with a theme or features that liken it to a real building (i.e. windows, sills, shingled roofs, etc.) and shall be limited to ten feet (10') in height measured from the ground level to the highest point of the structure;

                        (e)        Detailed drawings or pictures of the snow shack that show colors and materials shall be submitted with the business license application; and

                        (f)        A business license for snow shacks shall be valid from May 1st to September 30th.

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