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19.08.170 Preliminary PRUD plan approval

            (1)        The preliminary PRUD plan shall be submitted and approved by the Planning Commission and City Council.  Said preliminary PRUD Plan shall contain the following information:

                        (a)        A complete and accurate legal description of the property which is the subject of the PRUD.  A preliminary title search showing legal ownership of the property.  If the developer is not the property owner, written proof that said developer has sufficient legal claim on the property, and each parcel therein, or authority to represent its owners, must be provided to proceed with development plans;

                        (b)        Topographic maps of the entire site, including contour intervals no greater than two feet (2');

                        (c)        A tabulation of the total acreage of the site and the percentages thereof to be designated for various uses, i.e. parking, residential units, open space, streets, etc.;

                        (d)        Proposed circulation pattern including private driveways, public and private streets, and pedestrian and bicycle paths;

                        (e)        Parks, common open spaces, playgrounds, school sites, and other public or private recreation facilities and improvements proposed within the PRUD;

                        (f)        General locations of all dwellings and other structures in the PRUD, and an indication of proposed population densities and building densities (units per acre), including tables or graphs showing the percentages of each dwelling type proposed;

                        (g)        Proposed location of parking, ingress and egress;

                        (h)        A general landscaping plan showing what areas are to be landscaped and what types of plants and materials are contemplated;

                        (i)         Preliminary elevations or perspectives of all building types proposed within the development;

                        (j)         Preliminary subdivision plat, if the site is being divided, showing a general layout of all proposed lots as outlined in Title 18 of this Code;

                        (k)        A preliminary utility plan showing the manner in which adequate sewage disposal, storm drainage, and water services are to be provided, including the point from which said services are to be extended or connected; and

                        (l)         A geotechnical report as outlined in Chapter 19.07 of the Layton Municipal Code and the Development Guidelines and Design Standards.

            (2)        The Planning Commission may impose such conditions on a preliminary PRUD plan, as it may deem appropriate to meet the goals and objectives of this Chapter and the General Plan.

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