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19.09.050 Final plat review

            At any time after approval of the preliminary plat by the City Council, but no later than one (1) year thereafter, the linen, one (1) reproducible copy and two (2) prints shall be submitted to the City Planning Director who will check for conformance to the preliminary plat.  Upon his review and approval the City Planning Director will submit the plat to the City Engineer for checking and approval.  If the City Engineer finds that the plat meets all of the engineering requirements of the City, he will sign the engineers certificate of approval and will turn the plat to the County Health Department for their review and approval who will then return the plat to the City Attorney who will check the declaration and the plat as to form.  Upon signing the certificate of approval, the attorney will turn the plat to the Planning Commission for its review and approval.  The Planning Commission will forward the plat to the City Council for final action, which upon its approval the Mayor will sign the City Council certificate of approval which will be attested by the City Recorder.  If the final plat is rejected by any of the foregoing officers or agencies of the City, it shall be returned to the developer with a written statement of the reasons for rejection.

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