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19.16.090 Landscape requirements for arterial streets

            (1)        The following provisions shall govern lots in the R-1 and R-2 zoning districts when they double face, with the rear yard backing onto or a side yard facing an arterial street.  In addition, where subdivision lots back onto an adjoining collector street, the landscaping provisions of this Section shall also apply.

            (2)        A strip of land directly adjacent to the right-of-way line of the arterial street will be set aside to provide a buffer to enhance the arterial streetscape and mitigate the impacts of arterial streets adjacent to the rear or side of a lot.

                        (a)        This buffer shall be identified on the recordation plat in one of the following ways:

                                    (i)         As a landscape easement; or

                                    (ii)        As property owned in common by a homeowners association.

                        (b)        The buffer shall be at least five feet (5') wide.

                        (c)        When the buffer is included in the required rear or side yard of the residential lot, the buffer shall be no wider than ten feet (10').

            (3)        Landscaping requirements:

                        (a)        Trees shall be located on twenty foot (20') centers within the buffer area.  These trees shall be deciduous and on the City's list of recommended trees for park strips.

                                    (i)         In the case where a lot is part of the subdivision and must face onto the arterial street, the required buffer and landscape theme shall be continued along the front of the lot.

                        (b)        A ground cover shall be provided that is pervious and discourages weed growth.

                        (c)        A minimum of two (2) shrubs shall be provided between the required trees.

                        (d)        A six foot (6') solid or semi-private fence will be installed along the entire perimeter on the inside edge of the buffer area.

                                    (i)         For residential developments adjacent to Layton Parkway, a minimum eight foot (8') decorative masonry wall shall be installed along the entire perimeter on the inside edge of the landscape buffer area.  The design of the masonry wall shall be consistent with the existing wall design as approved by the City Engineer.

                        (e)        Irrigation for the buffer area shall be provided either through a master meter or through separate irrigation systems provided from each lot along the edge of the buffer area.

                        (f)        The sidewalk and park strip shall be incorporated into the buffer area and shall be subject to review and approval from the City Engineering Division for City arterial streets or UDOT for state roads.

            (4)        Installation and maintenance:

                        (a)        The developer shall be responsible for the installation of the buffer and must bond for the buffer improvements either with the overall subdivision or as a separate bond.

                        (b)        The bond period for the landscape improvements may coincide with the bond period and extensions as outlined in Title 18.

                        (c)        Following the bond release, a homeowners association shall be formed by the recordation and declarations providing for the collection of fees to maintain the buffer area.  Maintenance of the buffer area shall also include the maintenance of the sidewalk and park strip area.

                        (d)        Along major arterial streets and connecting collector streets that are linked to major entryways into the City, the City will have the option to assume responsibility for the maintenance of the streetscape area.  In such a case, a one-year warranty shall be required to cover the planted material and the irrigation system and drawings for the irrigation system must be submitted and approved by the City.

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