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19.06.130 Storage facility requirements

            All public use storage facilities shall meet the following additional requirements:

            (1)        Have impervious surfacing (concrete, asphaltic concrete, or asphalt) in all areas of established or anticipated traffic flows surrounding buildings and throughout the entire site except where landscaping is required;

            (2)        All outdoor storage areas shall meet the parking lot requirements of Section 19.12.100 of this Title and shall be enclosed by a fence or wall at least six feet (6') in height and impervious to sight, adequate to conceal such facilities from adjacent property and the street.  The Planning Commission may require higher fences if deemed necessary to ensure screening.  No junk may be stored within the enclosure and no items may be stacked higher than the fence or wall of the enclosure; and

            (3)        All areas not required to be either landscaped or surfaced with concrete, asphaltic concrete, or asphalt shall be surfaced with a hard material such as roadbase or gravel and maintained free of weeds and other debris.

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